Jericho is vandaag officieel klaar met zijn opleiding tot grafisch ontwerper. Hieronder vinden jullie een update in het engels van onze collega en kunnen jullie lezen hoe het hem is bevallen en wat hij van de opleiding vindt:

Since it’s his last day, I spoke with him and asked him about his experience / training overall. He said he still wants to do an in-depth training on website design and development. I realized that although we did train him on webdesign and development, it did not went that deep because we saw the need to train him on work ethics, office setting, etc. on the basics….

I don’t want to deprive him of this knowledge so I scheduled specific training days with him this December. He will be with us on Monday and on Friday next week. Will be training him the whole day on Monday and then we will give him tasks to do specifically on Webdesign and Development on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays which he can do from home. On Fridays, he will be here in our office for us to check personally on websites he build and to revise them the whole day.

Although these were skills that we taught him already, he wants to go even more in depth.. Like for example, he wants to know more about php/mysql databases and complex conditional forms where fields change depending on the selection of the user..

So i guess it’s more of an advanced learning this time. Also I asked him what he learned throughout this whole training with us… He said he did learn a lot about work ethics, such as sending email, being on time, dealing with client work, revisions, talking to clients (although we had him talk to only 1 client before), basically the whole office experience… He really liked it and he said he learned a lot!