Hallo allemaal,

Hierbij weer een korte update over Stichting Alona. Na een grondige zoektocht en selectie hebben we weer een geschikte kandidaat gevonden die vanaf 1 november is gestart. De naam van de nieuwe kandidaat is Rayson. Hieronder een kort stukje over hem en zijn motivatie:

Reyson resides in Bicol, Philippines. Bicol is a province in the Philippines which is commonly hit by tropical storms because of its geographical location and therefor. Bicol is (together with Muslim-majority Bangsamoro) one of the poorest regions in the country. 

After primary school A lot of Filipino youth try to take up a nursing course in the hopes of migrating away from the country and working in another country to earn more for themselves and their families since nurses are much underpaid in the country. Reyson also tried to start a course like this, but since he has a natural interest in graphic design and therefore is very interested to know more about graphic design and website design, he was looking for an opportunity like this. Since he has no fundings to support an education like this on his own. He will do his best to learn and maximize the training because he doesn’t want to rely on the little amount of salary he would get as a nurse here in the future. It would be his dream to work as a graphic designer and he really is happy with this chance to become one.

In Bicol, his family basically earn a living with 1 billiard table and they have the table rented by anyone in their community who wants to play billiards. It’s a common past time for Filipinos to play billiards so it’s an ideal business for his family he mentioned. Unfortunately, this is the only income that they have to pay for their daily needs, and his studies. Additional allowance from the training and if he ventures out as a freelance graphic designer in the future, could help him out with their family’s finances and make their lives a lot easier.

For updates on him…. He’s doing good in terms of learning / absorbing the lessons and activities so far… He has done the following designs so far:

We wensen Rayson heel veel succes met zijn training en hopelijk kan hij hier zijn beroep van maken. We houden jullie weer op de hoogte over hem en het verloop van zijn opleiding. Wordt weer vervolgd…