We zijn weer enkele weken verder en Pia heeft al enkele sollicitatiegesprekken gehad. Ook heb ik onze partner de vraag gesteld hoe hij deze eerste training heeft ervaren. Hieronder lees je zijn reactie:

Hi Claudia,

Yes, we were all able to train Pia surprisingly well along with the other things that we are doing day to day, of course this is not possible without your help. I think YES, we could definitely do this again for someone. It went very well with Pia, it would be great to continue helping other people through your foundation. I think we are indeed ready to train a new candidate. However, we have to go through the careful selection process once again for finding someone who could be trained. Should we start looking for a new candidate again?

Just a bit of update with Pia, I heard that she got some job offerings after her training but these job offers to her were not related to what she was trained for, these were again menial type of jobs so she declined because she does want to pursue a career in web development and now she knows that web development jobs pay a much higher rate compared to menial type of jobs. So its good to hear that she now has a clear vision on what she wants and just doesn’t resort to other types of jobs because of the need to have income. I will keep you posted about her.

Thanks again and regards!