Het is nu november en hierbij de laatste updates van onze partner over Jericho:

Been a very busy past 2 days, been on meetings… im happy to say YES. 🙂 He’s been more professional, coming to work on time, meeting deadlines, having good camaraderie with our current employees…
On his last few weeks, we’re now training and focusing on specific skills like web and video… I felt like we had to move these to the last weeks as he did not have good work ethics in the start and we had to address that first.

He mentioned he is very grateful for the opportunity given to him for his training. He thanked me but I told him he should thank you directly. Thus, let’s arrange a video call with him soon so that you can speak to him through video call while he is at the office.

We already integrated him into our workflow since integrating him to our workflow would help him in terms of training him for office work at the same time, it would be advantageous for us since we could get a helping hand in our usual day-to-day tasks. Of course, aside from this, we train him on the topics of website design and development. 

Since this week, he is trained by Aldrin and our other employee who specializes in motion graphic / video design.
Again Claudia, I would like to express how thankful we are and appreciative of this opportunity on allowing us to help other people who really need a helping hand in life. It feels great to help others. 🙂 Thank you! Have a great day ahead!