Wanneer Pia in juni haar training zal afronden kan ze niet blijven werken bij onze partner omdat deze voldoende capaciteit hebben. Uiteraard gaan ze haar wel helpen bij het vinden van een passende baan en het voorbereiden op de toekomst. Hieronder een update van onze partner in de Filipijnen over hoe ze haar hierbij gaan helpen:

Hi Claudia,
Please see attached invoice for Pia’s 2nd month. Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a month already since we have had Pia in our office. I would like to thank you once again for this opportunity of using us as a tool to help others. 🙂
Just to let you know, as of now, we do not see the need for Pia in our office after the training. We might not hire her. This doesn’t mean that we do not have confidence in her, but currently, we really just do not have open positions since our current employees are able to do everything and handle the work load well.
However, this does not mean that after the training we will just forget about Pia. We are actually planning to prepare her for her next job. We will:
  1. Help her create a web and graphic design portfolio (A WordPress Portfolio website with her own domain name) before her training ends
  2. Help her layout a beautiful printed resume and business card
  3. Help her build her own Linkedin Profile
  4. Help her apply for her next job through local job hunting sites. We have here:  https://www.jobstreet.com.ph
  5. Refer / recommend her to our local business network
We really do want her to use the skills she will learn in this training period for her next job, also this is good help for her as well. I think we should do this to the next candidate as well.