Onze eerste kandidaat Pia is nu zo’n 1,5 week geleden begonnen met haar training bij onze Filipijnse partner Robert.  Lees hieronder zijn update:

Hi Claudia,

Hope you’re doing well. Pia is doing okay. We are currently teaching her HTML-basics. By next week, she will be taught Css and advanced HTML already and then we’ll go straight to WordPress development and graphic design.

The schedule is working. However we sense a bit of difficulty on her end in terms of coping up or absorbing the topics discussed to her. Because of this, we gave her tasks/activities she does a couple of hours a day based on her recent lectures from us. 

Example: She is tasked to create a very basic website about herself using HTML. She’s been working on it the entire week actually, she’s doing a good job on it despite the challenge on absorbing certain topics.

We think 4 months is enough time to train her. We know she’ll be able to build websites with ease and would have a good sense in design by the end of the 14 weeks.

We are also giving her a bit of office tasks on the side, like being a point contact person for one of our projects. She was tasked to relay to us emails from a specific client’s project.

She mentioned the other day that she’s very thankful for this opportunity. I told her not to thank me but to thank you instead 🙂 She’ll be sending an email to you one of these days 🙂

She was a bit overwhelmed when I gave her the salary for this month. That amount, even if it is just minimum wage, is big for her already. She’s very careful on spending her money as well since this is her first time to work in a place with a lot pf commercial establishments around, she sees to it she spends her money wisely during lunch time.

To answer your last question if we see her as someone who we will be hiring after the training, it’s still a bit early to tell honestly. Maybe after 4 more weeks we’ll be able to answer that question well. 🙂

I hope you also see Pia’s updates on Instagram. She said she very challenged by the whole experience so far but she is very happy and this is what she truly wants. Thank you very much again for giving Pia this opportunity. When we tell other people about her, they say she is very lucky because of you. Thank you!