We zijn weer enkele weken verder en Pia heeft het momenteel even moeilijk met haar training. Hieronder weer een korte update van onze partner in de Filipijnen:

Hi Claudia,

Just to update you with Pia, currently, I can tell she is having a hard time since we started training her with WordPress on building websites.
I think this is normal since this is the most challenging of all her trainings and lessons. I will do a recap of previous lessons to her tomorrow even though its a holiday because I want to help her on the parts where she is having difficulty on.
I heard from one of our employees that Pia said she is ashamed that she can’t finish the recent tasks (related to web development) completely and that she is having a hard time.
I’ll make sure to help her out tomorrow.
Not the best update on Pia, but I guess the training program has its natural ups and downs and difficulties. Will make sure she gets through it.
Thank you,